How To Paint Dogs

How To Paint Dogs

Many painters along with the ladies or kings incorporated into their work puppies and kittens. And of course they stole the show. But how can we, too, draw our favorite pet that is something more than a friend and companion? some tips on this process are not always as easy as it seems.
Tip first, really decide why you will need time. Take a block with many sexes and a few pencils and charcoal.

Wait for the animal to rest and possibly sleep. This way you will have more time to observe it and put the first lines on your paper. Make a lot of his sketches that though they do not satisfy you at first, you’ll slowly see yourself getting better.

There are pages of dog breeds and cat breeds that could help. Take a look.

Second tip. Try to put them in color from memory and the more you put it and the more it will look like your pet. Do not quit them from the first day, they need patience and perseverance.

Third Tip. if you see that you do not do it, do not worry. Brother brother, there are cameras too. Shoot as many pictures as you can. Select one of them and start quietly drawing it by observing where and when the original.

I’m sure you will soon have your favorite pet in a painting composition.

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